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2022 is an exciting year with many new running shoes to be launch through out the first half of the year. To help fellow runners, keep up to date on the various launch date, Daily Running Co has compiled most (we cannot guarantee is all) of the information available right now. We hope that this will be helpful as a single source for runners looking out for your running shoes of 2022 or from your favorite brands. Do note that this is a compilation of road running shoes only! We’re sorry trail runners.

At the end of last year, I am sure many have seen the Running Event videos from many different runners on YouTube (e.g., Kofuzi, Believe in the Run crew, Running Warehouse, TF XC Running Shoe Reviews and many others). Without these awesome runners out there with their cameras, this table would not have been possible.

The table is sorted by [Launch Month] and the brands are sorted by alphabetical order. In total, there are 55 products recorded. There are some which we are unable to identify the price or the launch month. Should you have any information, welcome to let us know. We will be glad to update the table.

Now enjoy the information compiled and which is the pair you are looking forward to put into your rotation in 2022?! We would love to know as well.

BrandProduct NameLaunch MonthPrice (US$)
AltraProvision 6January$140.00
ASICSGEL Nimbus 24January$160.00
ASICSGEL Nimbus Lite 3January$160.00
AltraRivera 2February$130.00
NikeZoomX StreakflyFebruary$160.00
PumaVelocity Nitro 2February$120.00
SalomonS/Lab Phantasm CFFebruary$225.00
BrooksHyperion Elite 3March$250.00
BrooksHyperion MaxMarch$170.00
HokaCarbon X3March$200.00
HokaMach SupersonicMarch$150.00
New BalanceFresh Foam 880 v12March$130.00
New BalanceHierro v7March$135.00
CraftPro Endure DistanceApril$150.00
New BalanceFuelcell SC TrainerApril$180.00
SalomonPhantasm CFApril$160.00
SauconyRide 15AprilUnknown
New BalanceFresh Foam 1080 v12May$160.00
NikePegasus 39May$120.00
PumaRun XXMay$130.00
AltraEscalante 3JuneUnknown
AltraTorin 6June$150.00
ASICSGEL Cumulus 24June$130.00
CraftCTM Ultra 2June$175.00
CraftCTM Ultra Carbon 2June$250.00
New BalanceFresh Foam Tempo v2June$110.00
SauconyEndorphin Pro 3June$225.00
New BalanceFuelcell SC PacerJuly$150.00
SauconyEndorphin Shift 3July$150.00
SauconyEndorphin Speed 3July$160.00
SauconyEndorphin Triumph 20August$160.00
ASICSDynablast v3SeptemberUnknown
ASICSNovablast v3SeptemberUnknown
ASICSMagicspeed v2SeptemberUnknown
New BalanceFuelcell Rebel v3September$130.00
NikeAlphafly 2September$275.00
NikeZoom Fly 5September$160.00
New BalanceFresh Foam 860 v13October$135.00
New BalanceFresh Foam More v4NovemberUnknown
New BalanceFuelcell SC Elite v3November$225.00
BrooksGlycerin 20UnknownUnknown
BrooksGlycerin GTS 20UnknownUnknown
BrooksHyperion Tempo 2Unknown$150.00
BrooksLaunch 9UnknownUnknown
BrooksLaunch GTS 9UnknownUnknown
NikePegasus Turbo Next NatureUnknownUnknown
SalomonGlide MaxUnknown$150.00
SauconyFreedom 5UnknownUnknown
SauconyKinvara 13UnknownUnknown
SkechersGo RUN Ride 10UnknownUnknown
SkechersRazor Excess 2UnknownUnknown
Table 1: 2022 Product Launch by Month

Note: We welcome others, runner or not, who would like to use this information to do so freely. If you do find this helpful, do give us a shoutout!!! Thank you very much.

Till our next post, just keep running!

Editorial note: added in ASICS’s Dynablast 3, Novablast 3, and Magicspeed 2 in the table on 27th Jan 2022.

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