The Running Event

The Running Event (TRE) is the pre-season showcase of many new running shoes coming out in 2023. Bringing together more than 3,200 run and outdoor specialty brands, retailers and professional, TRE is one of the most important event for the industry.

Running media professionals have brought us normal consumers great insights and excitement on the year ahead. From Believe In The Run team, the Running Warehouse, Alex Filitti, and certainly Kofuzi, these people have made it possible for outsiders to gain a peak into the crystal ball. Work published in this post has been made possible by them and all due credits/information go to them.

Thanks to them, I have also managed to gain an outlook into the launches in 2023. While some brands are not listed due to embargo and other reasons, I certain 2023 is an exciting year for road running.

2023 Road Running Shoes Releases

The order will be tabulated by month, and for each of the footwear there will be a stated price unless undisclosed or I missed out. We will start off with December 2022 since, we aren’t end of the month yet.

December 2022

In December 2022, we have at least 3 pairs of running shoes released.

  1. Adidas – Adizero SL (USD 110)
  2. Scott Running – Ultra Carbon RC (USD 220)
  3. Skechers – Razor 4 (USD130)

January 2023

To kickoff the new year, we have 2 products from Salomon for their road running series – Aero.

  1. Salomon – Aero Glide (USD 160)
  2. Salomon – Aero Blaze (USD 140)

February 2023

This month fills the bulk of the releases known thus far publicly. We have 7 products from 6 brands.

  1. HOKA – Clifton 9 (USD 145)
  2. CRAFT – Nord Lite Ultra (USD 190)
  3. CRAFT – Nord Lite Speed (USD 235)
  4. Topo Athletic Cyclone 2 (USD 150)
  5. Altra – Rivera 3 (USD 140)
  6. Reebok – Floatride Energy 5 (USD 110)
  7. Skechers – Speed Beast (USD TBC)

March 2023

In March, we welcome the update to the long awaited HOKA shoes as well as a long standing product from New Balance.

  1. HOKA – Rocket X 2 (USD 250)
  2. New Balance – 880 v13 (USD 140)

April 2023

April thus far is a lonely month with a single product expected to come out.

  1. Salomon – Aero Volt (USD 150)

June 2023

In June, there are 2 products releases with one being a big overhaul from its first version and the other making it plush.

  1. New Balance – SuperComp Trainer v2 (USD 180)
  2. Altra – Torin 7 (USD 150)

July 2023

Comes July 2023 there are quite a few running shoes releases with two being more open-ended in terms of when.

  1. Saucony – Triumph 21 (USD 160) – said to be summer 2023
  2. Saucony – Triumph 21 RFG (USD 160) – said to be summer 2023
  3. Brooks – Hyperion (USD 140)
  4. Altra – Paradigm 7 (USD 170)
  5. Reebok – Floatride Adventure 5 (USD 130)

August 2023

In August, mid of the summer, we have 2 new products coming out.

  1. Saucony – Kinvara Pro (USD 180)
  2. Topo Athletic – Flylite 5 (USD 125)

November 2023

In November, we will be seeing an update from the beloved New Balance.

  1. New Balance – Vongo v6 (USD 160)

Unknown Release Month

There are other running shoes which are known to be out in 2023, but I could not find its exact month. If you do know, feel free to contact us. Many thanks for this!

  1. Puma – Foreverrun Nitro (USD 150)
  2. Puma – Magnify 2 (USD 150)
  3. Puma – Liberate Nitro 2 (USD 130)
  4. Puma – Run XX 2 (USD 130)
  5. Puma – Fast FWD (USD 250)
  6. Puma – Deviate Nitro Elite (Unknown)
  7. Under Armour – Velociti 3 (USD 150)
  8. Mizuno – Wave Rebellion Pro (Unknown)
  9. Mizuno – Wave Rebellion Flash (Unknown)
  10. Salomon – Phantasm 2 (USD 170)
  11. Reebok – Floatzig 1 (USD 130)
  12. Skechers – Ride 11 (Unknown)
  13. Skechers – Maxroad 6 (Unknown)

Request for Information/Contact Us

If any of the information above is incorrect feel free to leave a comment or hit us up on Instagram and let us know. Alternatively, if you have any information which you like us to add, feel free to contact us as well. We will credit your contribution in the post.

We hope this has been useful you in looking into the future on what we could expect in 2023. Till then, just keep running. Do check out our other posts on reviews and comparison table for gels among others.

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