Introduction of the Adizero SL

The Adizero SL is probably one of the special pair of running shoes in the market with high cost-to-value specification. The SL has been around for quite some time since its first iteration with many radical changes. Only in this iteration it officially has the Adizero branding in its naming convention. Till date, Adidas continues to release new colourways for the Adizero SL.

Adidas Adizero SL (Credit: Adidas)

Our Opinions & What Could We Expect From the Adizero SL?

The update Adidas has given to the Adizero SL gave confidence that there is still hope for this series in its arsenal. The Adizero SL could be a close rival to Nike’s Pegasus with its latest setup. Equipped with the Lightstrike Pro at the forefoot area of the running shoes mimics the similar setup in the Pegasus with its Air Zoom unit. However, it is lighter (243grams for UK 8.5/US 9 & 288grams for US 9) and cost lesser (SGD 169 & SGD 219) than the Pegasus 40.

Nike Pegasus 40 (Credit: Nike)

However, Nike has recently released its Winflo 11 which is priced just slightly under the Adizero SL in Singapore. There are substantial updates incorporated in the Winflo 11 and we think (pre-testing) that the Winflo 11 might be worthy contender to the Adizero SL.

Overall, the Adizero SL is capable to meet the requirements of different types of run and perform. Additionally, considering the cost of the Adizero SL in today’s market, it makes the running shoes very attractive for runners. Adidas also has big discounts for the Adizero in different colourway.

We sincerely hope that Adidas will continue to keep and update the SL series in its arsenal as a versatile and high cost-to-performance ratio pair of running shoes. Improvements to the upper design and components might be a worthwhile endeavour for the Adizero SL. This can help it to improve its competitiveness with the Pegasus even better where the latter is perceived as more pemium overall. Lastly, Adidas could consider incorporating the Lightstrike 2.0 to some degree in the new version to further amp up its midsole performance.

Should You Still Grab the Adizero SL Today?

Absolutely! The Adizero SL is going to be a classic in terms of footwear that runs across different requirements while not costing you a bomb. Some of the newly introduced colourways can even be pulled off for lifestyle occasions, not to forget its comfort.

Adidas Adizero SL Side Profile (Credit: Adidas)

What do you think Adidas should do with the Adizero SL for its next iteration? Are there areas you wish the brand can improve on? Till the launch of an Adizero SL 2.0, just keep running.

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