ASICS has just released an their new Dynablast 4 here in Singapore. The Dynablast 4, as with other running shoes, have seen an increase in its price – from SGD 149 to SGD 159. The Dynablast 2 was a pair of running shoes that is overshadowed by its older sibling, the Novablast. With a revamp of the Novablast design language, ASICS has also treated the Dynablast with the update.

What is Dynablast 4 & What Has Changed?

About Dynablast 4

The DYNABLAST™ 4 shoe is designed for the fitness enthusiast seeking comfort for their runs or training routine. ​A soft, engineered woven upper and mesh tongue improves the shoe’s fit, comfort, and breathability. ​The midsole and outsole are engineered to target the ball of your foot and heel striking zone. This helps create a higher energy return and more bounce at a lower stack height.

ASICS Product Description
Dynablast 4Dynablast 3
Stack HeightUnknownUnknown
UpperEngineered WovenEngineered Knit
MidsoleFF BlastFF Blast
Table 1: Specifications of Dynablast 3 and 4

Will Dynblast 4 Finally Find Its Position in the Market?

The Dynablast series has yet to find its spot in the market. This is due to a combination of price, technology, the durability as well as alternatives within ASICS and across brands. However, this is in the past. With the update, we are excited to see where the Dynablast 4 could find its spot. Here are some key developments and insights on the Dynablast 4:

  • Without touching the product yet and knowing its stack height, I would love that it can go head-on-head with the likes of Atreyu’s Daily Trainer or Nike’s Winflo. Sufficient stack height for cushioning during long runs, nimble for certain paces, and light enough in weight. They are after all similar in price.
  • New Balance Propel v4 is now priced at SGD179. Does this 20 SGD matters, perhaps. But at that SGD 179 pricing, I will say consumers will look at ASICS Evoride Speed, Gel-Cumulus or Novablast 4 as comparables.
  • Nike has not updated its Rival Fly v3 since, and it does not seem to be doing anything aside from releasing new colourways. Which pushes the Winflo as the key competing product with Dynablast now due to the price increase.
  • In this price range for ASICS, there are only two options – Dynablast 4 or GT-1000 – with the latter having mild stability element and Flytefoam midsole. For those looking, options are limited.

What do you think about the new Dynablast 4? Are you excited by the updated design? For us, it is a 50:50 till we are able to see the product on hand. Till next time, just keep running.

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