CleanCloud – Foam Made From Carbon Emissions

ON joined major brands, such as Nike, Adidas, and ASICS in pushing sustainability further for the footwear industry. On just announced the CleanCloudTM, a nhigh-performance foam which will be used in their running shoes. The CleanCloud™ is made primarily using carbon emission through the collaboration with LanzaTech and Borealis. The technology is complex but On has created the infographic to explain it easily.

Image 1: CleanCloud Manufacturing Process

This is yet another breakthrough for the performance footwear industry after the Adidas x Allbirds collaboration, Nike’s recycled ZoomX foam, ASICS’s latest lowest carbon emission sneaker the Gel Lyte III CM 1.95. Not to mention the early innovator such as Allbirds.

ON CloudPrime Made From CleanCloud

The CleanCloud is used in the making of CloudPrime, On’s first ever shoe made from carbon emissions. The CloudPrime is not available just yet and currently in testing with elite athletes. To make the CloudPrime as clean as possible, On collaborated with start-ups such as Fairbrics and Novoloop for its upper and outsole.

Image 2: CloudPrime Proof-of-Concept

“It’s a win-win situation: we are capturing emissions before they pollute our atmosphere and are at the same time moving away from fossil-based materials,”.

Caspar Coppetti, Co-Founder and Executive Co-Chairman of On.

CleanCloud™ represents the next big step for On towards decoupling the company’s growth from their carbon emissions. This comes after On launched their Cyclon subscription program offering fully recyclable performance running product for runners. The Cyclon shoe produce 50% less CO2 emissions than an average On shoe and 90% less waste in total.

On is cranking up the heat for the environment, in a good way, by introducing ground-breaking innovations to tackle sustainability challenges. This forces the other major brands to consider, learn, and adopt cleaner and greener technology for their footwear, least they start losing market share of the green consumers.

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