With the release dates and some specifications of running shoes coming out in 2022, here I will select 3 which I look forward to the most. Jumping right into it, the first is the Saucony Endorphin Speed 3.

Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 (Source: Reddit, User=Chipsahoy523)

The Endorphin Speed 1 and 2 has earned its name of versatility catering to different types of runs. With that short history, the Endorphin Speed 3 is expected to continue its legacy with improvement to its features. That is certainly what Saucony has did with the Endorphin Speed 3 coming out in July 2022. The upcoming Speed 3 is a neutral running shoes coming in with 229 grams and an 8mm drop (36mm heel and 28mm forefoot).

In my opinion, the improvement made to the Speed 3 has a single term: Increase its usability and attractiveness. One of the key changes is to the nylon plate used in the Speed 3. Saucony has evolved its S-plate nylon plate with wings to improve in its support for a runner. The winglet will therefore be able to wrap the lateral and medial side of the foot. The base of the Speed 3 has also been widen helping runners have more materials underfoot to land on. Together, these two improved features will enhance the performance of the midsole. Additionally, Saucony has also reinforced its heel counter to provide better lockdown and security to the shoes.

Based on the photo gotten from (Source: Chipsahoy523 from Reddit), I am excited for the black/gold and the Night Lite (available September) colour way. It seems that a RUNSHIELD version will also be out in October. The Endorphin Speed 3 maintains its price point at US$160.00 making it a much more affordable performance running shoes. As a sub-non-elite runner, this could the performance shoes for me while ensuring my pocket isn’t burn through with a hole. This is a must to get for me in 2022! 

The second in line is the New Balance Tempo v2.

New Balance Tempo v2 (Source: Running Warehouse)

The Fresh Foam Tempo lineup replaced New Balance’s well-loved Zante line ups. (Ex-Zante runner here). Back when the Tempo v1 was out, there was overlapping of running shoes which could work in the same category due to the technology and weight that went into the shoes. At the same time, there are new foams coming out as well, even within New Balance; the Fuelcell series. This created some dilemma for runners as to what series and product should they reach for. Retrospectively, we all know the Fuelcell won the media and runners over. Nonetheless, there is a role for Fresh Foam X in lower stack running shoes. And the Tempo v2 could be the update to either hit it home or nail it in the coffin.

Like earlier iterations of Zante and Tempo, the Tempo v2 incorporate a full-length midsole, in this case the Fresh Foam X. This feature provided the earlier Zante with a certain level of structural rigidity when combined with a full-length outsole. However, the Tempo v2 features a different outsole pattern and flex groves providing a certain level of flexibility. This is a welcomed feature as it helps runner have a softer on foot experience and reduce the weight. The Upper for the Tempo V2 is equipped with a soft, knit material. First question with knit is if it allows the shoes to remain airy compared to engineered mesh, this will be something to consider especially during summer. However, knit material also means the upper will be very comfortable on foot. Additionally, a knit upper can better accommodate to people’s foot shape and sizes as I have found out in ASICS’s Gel DS Trainer.

Tempo v2 looks quite different from that of Tempo v1 and perhaps closer to the predecessor, the Zante. It will come in at about 220 grams with a 6mm drop. On a personal level, I have a sentimental value attached to the Zante(s). It was my only running shoes for all workouts in the past and even ran a marathon in it. The Tempo v2 does resonate back to the feeling I get from the Zante, at least appearance wise. As such, I will be interested to find out if it will revive the line-up or will it end here, I certainly hope for the former. The Tempo v2 is expected to be released June 2022.

The last pair is the ASICS Gel-Cumulus 24. The selection was more difficult than I originally anticipated. It was a tough choice between this and the New Balance’s 880 v12 but I have settled for the Cumulus 24. Upgraded with the ASICS’s FF Blast or Flytefoam Blast, the Cumulus 24 can be seen as a breath of renewal. ASICS continues to innovate and improve on the design, functionality, and overall appeal of their running shoes in the recent years, most evident since the Ride series was introduced.

GEL-CUMULUS 24 (Source: Believe in the Run Interview at TRE)

The FF Blast is a midsole foam used in the now famous Novablast v1 and v2 as well as in the Dynablast. As I have ran in the FF Blast prior, it makes me curious how the midsole will perform in this implementation. At the same time, what would make the difference between ASICS’s legendary line-up (Cumulus and Nimbus) with the Novablast and Dynblast line-up. There were some sneak peeks on the update to both the Novablast and Dynablast coming out in September of 2022.

The Cumulus 24 is likely to fit the running shoes which I can do any type of runs with it (i.e., daily trainer). Having tried the Cumulus 23 on foot before, I was surprised by the lightness, overall comfort and fit of it. Therefore, with this update, it is officially a yes for me for 2022. The Gel Cumulus 24 will release June 2022 and priced at US$130.00.  

These are the 3 running shoes which I have set my eyes on for 2022 and certainly pocketing them where I could. There are many more running shoes which are exciting and innovative such as the Saucony Triumph 20, Altra Escalante 3, Craft’s Pro Endure Distance, among others. For a full list of running shoes set to release this year, please hop over to my previous post for more details. Link here.

What are your top 3 running shoes for 2022?! Your comments are always welcomed!

Till our next post, just keep running!

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