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For any long distance race, it is essential for runners to find the type of fuel which works best for them. For many, it will be the energy gel. Energy gels are usually compact packets which contains about 100 calories each as well as the nutrition such as sodium, potassium and carbohydrate among others.

There are increasing number of brands in the market today for runners to choose from. From the all famous and well known GU, to the newer brands such as Huma and Maurten (but famous). We’ve compiled a total of 11 brands within the table below to help runners compare the specifications of the energy gels. Do note there are other fuels not included in this such as drink mixes or bars.

The 11 energy gel brands are:

  1. Clif
  2. GU
  3. Huma
  4. Koda Nutrition
  5. Mag-On
  6. Maurten Sports
  7. Pure Nutrition
  8. SiS
  9. TORQ Gel
  10. Unived
  11. Veloforte

If there are brands which you love but not tabulated here, drop us the brand name and we will add it in. šŸ˜€

Which Nutrition & What Purpose?

Before buying any gel, what should a runner look out for in terms of nutrition and why? Here we will explain each in short details to provide you the quick answer you need.


Carbohydrates are essential to help keep up your blood glucoseĀ levels and prevent you from “hitting the wall”. It is also a primary source of fuel to keep the runner going during prolong workouts.

Electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Chloride)

There are in at least 5 different types of electrolytes. Electrolytes are crucial for runners as they are minerals that help us keep our performance. In specific, electrolytes is lost when we sweat and the lack of these electrolytes can result in muscular fatigue, cramping, or even hyponatremia (extremely low levels of sodium) among others. Therefore it is crucial for runners to keep hydrated but also consume enough of these nutrition to perform but also keep safe.


This is one of the electrolytes that get lost in higher concentration. It is crucial to help with your muscle contractions and regulating of fluid to prevent dehydration.


Potassium is another key electrolyte to help regulate the fluids within your cells, sodium regulates outside of the cells. With a lack of potassium, one could experience weakness and also muscle cramps.


While we all know calcium is essential for our bones, it also serves as an electrolyte and help to regulate the extracellular fluid. It is needed to help prevent muscle weakness or muscle cramps. However, calcium is not the most important electrolyte as they are lost in smaller amount compared to the earlier two.


Magnesium is essential to help transport blood sugar to your muscles and lactate out. It is involved the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – source of energy for use and storage at cellular level. There have also been studies that concluded the help of Magnesium in reducing cramping and increasing muscle oxygenation.


Chloride is a electrolyte commonly found together with sodium. When put together as sodium chloride, you get salt. It serves much of the same functions as sodium and also help to maintain the pH level in your body.


Caffeine needs no introduction. One important point to note is to avoid overconsuming caffeine given its impact on the heart. Aside from that, caffeine is known to help boost your alertness as per normal coffee does.


Beta-alanine helps to increaseĀ carnosineĀ levels andĀ help your muscles reduce their acid levels during exercise. This lessens overall fatigue. This is less common in the energy gel as you will observe below.

Energy Gel Nutrition Comparison Table

The table has a total of 11 columns, as such you will need to scroll across to see the full table on devices with smaller screen estate. This table is best viewed on the desktop and we apologize for mobile phone users with less than optimal experience. The table is arranged by Brand in alphabetical order starting with CLIF.

BrandProduct NameCaloriesCarbohydrateMagnesiumSodiumCalciumPotassiumChlorideCaffeineBeta-Alanine
CLIFShot – Vanilla1002590
CLIFShot – Citrus with Caffeine100259025
CLIFShot – Mocha with Caffeine100249050
CLIFShot – Chocolate1102360
CLIFShot – Chocolate Cherry with Caffeine1102360100
CLIFShot – Strawberry with Caffeine100259525
CLIFShot – Double Expresso with Caffeine1002460100
CLIFShot – Razz1002490
GUCola me-happy Energy Gel10022602040
GUTri-Berry Energy Energy Gel1002355203020
GUVanilla Bean Energy Gel1002260204020
GUChocolate Outrage Energy Gel1002150306020
GUStrawberry Banana Energy Gel10023552030
GUSalted Caramel Energy Gel10022125204020
GUBirthday Cake Energy Gel10022602040
GUCampfire S’mores Energy Gel10022602045
GUJet Blackberry Energy Gel1002255203040
GULemon Sublime Energy Gel10023552030
GUSalted Watermelon Energy Gel10023125203020
GUTastefully Nude Energy Gel1002360204020
GUMandarin Orange Energy Gel1002360203020
GUEspresso Love Energy Gel1002360204040
GUCaramel Macchiato Energy Gel1002260204040
GUMint Chocolate Energy Gel1002150306020
GUCold Brew Coffee Roctane Gel100211254070
GUBlueberry Pomegannate Roctane Gel100211253035
GUChocolate Coconut Roctane Gel100201253035
GUVanilla Orange Roctane Gel100211253035
GUPineapple Roctane Gel1002112530
GUCherry Lime Roctane Gel100211253035
GUStrawberry Kiwi Roctane Gel1002112530
GULemonade Roctane Gel1002118030
GUSea Salt Chocolate Roctane Gel100211803035
GUTutti Futti Roctane Gel100211253035
GUSalted Lime Roctane Gel100211903035
HumaEnergy Gel Strawberry10022105
HumaEnergy Gel Apple Cinnamon10022105
HumaEnergy Gel Blueberries10021105
HumaEnergy Gel CafƩ Mocha1002511050
HumaEnergy GelChocolate1002511025
HumaEnergy Gel Lemonade1002210525
HumaEnergy Gel Mangoes10021105
HumaEnergy Gel Raspberries1002110525
HumaEnergy Gel Plus – Berries & Pomegranate10021152402575
HumaEnergy Gel Plus – Blackberry Banana10021152402585
HumaEnergy Gel Plus – Strawberry Lemonade1002115245308025
KODA NuritionLemon Lime Gel117303618
KODA NuritionWild Berry Gel117303618
KODA NuritionGreen Plum Gel11730361880
KODA NuritionBerry Banana Gel117303618
KODA NuritionMango Passion Gel117303618
KODA NuritionCola Gel117303618
KODA NuritionCappuccino Gel11730361880
KODA NuritionCola Vanilla11730361880
Mag-OnAO Mikan Gel120305025
Mag-OnPink GrapeFuit Gel120305025
Mag-OnLemon Gel120305025
Mag-OnApple Gel1203050
Mag-OnGrapefruit Gel1203050
Mag-OnUme Gel1203050
Mag-OnBanna Jelly Gel1203050180
MaurtenGel 100100253422
MaurtenGel 100 Caf 10010025226100
PURE NutritionManuka Honey9223546
PURE NutritionRaspberry + Caffeine102253030
PURE NutritionLemon Lime1002531
PURE NutritionLemon Lime + Caffeine100253130
PURE NutritionMango1022530
PURE NutritionOrange1072630
PURE NutritionApple Cinnamon1052630
PURE NutritionKola Nut & Lemon Juice + Caffeine98245430
PURE NutritionBanna + Manuka Honey86215433
PURE NutritionOrange Lemon Lime95234913
PURE NutritionEspresso90225611230
Science in SportGO Isotonic Energy Gel – Apple872210
Science in SportGO Isotonic Energy Gel – Fruit Salad872210
Science in SportGO Isotonic Energy Gel – Lemon & Lime872210
Science in SportGO Isotonic Energy Gel – Mixed872210
Science in SportGO Isotonic Energy Gel – Orange872210
Science in SportGO Isotonic Energy Gel – Tropical872210
Science in SportGO Isotonic Energy Gel – Apple872210
TORQCherry Bakewell1142914962499
TORQBlack Cherry Yoghurt1142914962499
TORQApple Crumble1142914962499
TORQLemon Drizzle1142914962499
TORQOrange & Banana1132814962499
TORQRaspberry Ripple1142914962499
TORQRhubarb & Custard1142914962499
TORQStrawberry Yoghurt1132814962499
TORQCaramel Latte114291496249989
TORQForest Fruits113281496249989
UnivedElite Gel – Berry Blast190455614498230400
UnivedElite Gel – Melon Sea Salt190455627798440400
UnivedElite Gel – Vanilla Sea Salt190455627798440400
UnivedElite Gel – Mandarin Orange190455614498230400
UnivedElite Gel – Choco Fudge19045561449823050400
UnivedElite Gel – Double Espresso190455614498230100400
UnivedGel – Salted Lime110262813180254200
UnivedGel – Black Cherry11026288080175200
UnivedGel – Vanilla Orange11026288080175200
UnivedGel – Salted Caramel110262813180254200
UnivedGel – Dark Chocolate Mint1102628808017535200
UnivedGel – Cocoa Choc1102628808017550200
VeloforteRiba – Blackcurrant & Elderflower89227110526
VeloforteDoppio – Maple, Coffee & Guarana8922711052775
VelofortePrimo – Beetroot & Lemon90227110527
VeloforteTempo – Date, Lemon & Ginger89227110527
Table 1: Energy Gel by Brands
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