Puma had recently launched its 2nd iteration of the Velocity Nitro 2, the first in its Nitro line-up. It spots an update to the midsole, outsole as well as minor changes to the upper and laces. Hence, Puma decided to organize a trial run for runners to test out their new Velocity Nitro 2. The event is still on going for runners in Singapore who are interested, link down below.

Event Banner (Source: PUMA)

This event is the way Puma is hoping to bring its products back into the eyes of runners. The company was away from the road and trail running but they are back for certain. The event was held at Vivocity and the run was a short 3.5 KM run towards Sentosa, making a U-turn at Artillery Avenue. Due to COVID-19, the event was organized in batches to adhere with government regulations. It was a great way to start the morning and do a run with other runners.

Initial Review of Velocity Nitro 2

The Velocity Nitro 2 is considered to be a neutral daily trainer which could do many types of workouts. Spotting in the neon color, it is also perfect for spotting in low light. First in terms of fitting, I am a usual US 11 with a 2E wide feet and had to size up to a UK11 or US12 for the Velocity Nitro 2. Some statistics of my Velocity Nitro 2:

  • Forefoot Stack: 28mm
  • Heel Stack: 38mm
  • Drop: 10mm
  • Insole: 4mm
  • Length (Heel to Toe): 32cm (+/-)
  • Widest: 11.3cm
Velocity Nitro 2 (Source: Daily Running Co)


The Velocity Nitro 2 is equipped with an engineered mesh upper and has average breathability. One of the positive for the upper is the gusseted tongue which provide excellent lock-in. Overall, the upper was very comfortable and the laces did not eat into the foot thanks to a lightly padded tongue. One important point to note is the average breathability of the Velocity Nitro 2. For runners in regions with warmer weather should take note as I have noticed it today during the run. One reasons I suspect is also due to the gusseted tongue which creates an additional layer. Puma can improve the appeal by improving the airflow at the toe box as those, I would say, hardly made much difference.


The midsole of the Velocity Nitro 2 features a dual layer foam with the top being Puma’s new Nitro foam while the bottom is a standard EVA foam (perhaps Profoam). This is different from the first version of the where the architecture has changed. The first version featured the firmer EVA foam at the heel section while in version 2 it forms the full length bottom layer. This has contributed to an improved ride quality for the Velocity Nitro 2. The ride quality is good with evenly well cushioned in the forefoot and the heel area. This makes the velocity nitro 2 perfect for days when you need a dependable pair. Additionally, the amount of Nitro foam used varied between different segments of the shoes. For example, the forefoot area appears to have a greater amount of Nitro foam under foot.


Lastly, coming to the outsole, Puma has changed the pattern of the outsole thread in the version 2. Puma could have obtained some feedback and hence the change, but it looks like the Velocity Nitro 2 can take some light trails. The outsole grip, or Pumagrip, performs superiors thus far. It gave me confidence in every step except I have yet to test it in the rain and on slippery roads. I will take the Velocity Nitro 2 for more runs and see how it holds up.


The Puma Velocity Nitro 2 is a sensible pair of daily trainer. It is equipped with a very good upper for lock-down albeit average breathability. The midsole provides sufficient cushioning during runs yet responsive enough to pick up some speed. Looking at the amount of rubber coverage, I am not worried too much about the durability. In another post, [The Panther Strikes Back], I covered a comparison between the Puma Velocity Nitro 2 and 5 other brands’ daily trainers and why it has a key advantage.

For those looking to try the Velocity Nitro 2, head down to the link below and register. It is free! Participants also will enjoy a discount on Puma’s running and performance gear. Apparel included.

Event page – Week 3

We hope you enjoyed this short coverage and initial review of the Velocity Nitro 2. Till next time, just keep running!

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