Disclosure: The Craft CTM Ultra 2 was purchased with our own money. We provided links to a few online sites which sell the Craft CTM Ultra 2.

Who is CRAFT?

CRAFT is Swedish company with a heritage in long endurance-specific sports. Well known in the cycling and skiing space, CRAFT has recently ventured fully into the running with the launch of their trail and road running footwear.

What is Craft CTM Ultra 2?

A hybrid road and light trail running footwear launched by CRAFT. This is the 2nd iteration of the CTM Ultra, a non-plated high stack running footwear. The CTM Ultra 2 is Craft’s pro-grade running shoes for high mileage running. Even though it has a high stack height, the footwear is surprisingly lightweight with a single piece engineered mesh upper. The upper has an anatomic toe box to help provide a secure fit even without much hard structure.

Image 1: Craft CTM Ultra 2

The midsole is Craft’s UD Foam, a lightweight EVA-based foam and a successor to the Vault Foam used in the first version of CTM Ultra. Which is said to provide enhanced rebound and durability to help runner with propulsion during their runs. The outsole of the Craft CTM Ultra 2 is made up of a 3-pieced lugged traction rubber outsole for both road and light trail surfaces.

Statistics (Weight/Stack Height, etc)

  • Weight: 282 grams (UK10.5)
  • Insole Weight – 38 grams
  • Stack height (w/o insole): 37 mm (heel) 24 mm (forefoot)
  • Stack height (w/ insole): 41mm (heel) 28mm (forefoot)
  • Drop: 10 mm ~ 12 mm

Runner’s Profile

Prior to the review, it is important to establish my runner profile to better gauge my opinions on the shoes. For example, a lighter runner will experience differently the effects of midsole compared to a heavier runner. I am on the heavy side for a runner (75kg – 80kg) range and stands at 1.75m tall. My average weekly mileage ranges from 35km to 45km. I am a mid-foot/fore-foot strike with a neutral foot. I am normally a US size 11 although it varies depending on brands.


Pointer 1 – Surprisingly light-weight despite the stack height

Despite the high stack height of about 40mm, the CTM Ultra 2 feels surprisingly light at 282 grams in my UK 10.5. This makes the CTM Ultra 2 an excellent candidate for long training runs which ranges from easy pace to marathon training pace. For me, thus far the CTM Ultra 2 feels good for pace of up to about 5:00 mins/km.

Pointer 2 – A lightweight upper perfect for breathability and sufficient lockdown

The upper of the CTM Ultra 2 is single piece material with a semi-gusseted tongue. Aside from the very breathable upper, the tongue also adopts a unique polka dot semi cut-out. With this cut-out, the tongue maintains the breathability of the upper throughout the shoes. The attention to detail and ensuring a holistic experience warrants an appreciation to CRAFT’s team for the CTM Ultra 2. The only paddings are in the heel area to help with heel lockdown.

Pointer 3 –Ud foam provide excellent cushioning and good amount of rebound

The Ud foam is an EVA based midsole which surprisingly provided an excellent cushioning and a good amount of rebound when picking up the pace. Personally, I like the resilience and cushioning of the Ud foam. Many of the newer foams often compresses too much without a plate and that would likely decrease efficiency. I have taken it for the 21km run and it did not disappoint till the end. The midsole technology of Craft lives up to the brand’s reputation for long endurance-specific sports (e.g., Ultra-distance).

Pointer 4 – Sculpted midsole to provide a stable platform without hard plastics or structure

The attention to details from CRAFT for its product covers all parts. This included the way the midsole of the CTM Ultra 2 was shaped to provide a nimble yet stable platform for runners. There are notable differences between the medial and lateral sides of the CTM Ultra 2. The medial side does maintain a good amount of foam to ensure a supportive structure while the lateral side has sculpting which fits to the neutral foot strike.

Pointer 5 – A later rocker coupled with a high drop of 10mm translate to a smooth transition

With a higher drop and a late rocker for the Craft CTM Ultra 2, it makes for a smooth gait cycle. The smooth transition is highly appreciated during longer runs. The drop of the CTM Ultra 2 might feel new for some runners as thus a point to note. Additionally, I felt the choice of the midsole material, the Ud foam, benefited the whole running experience. A good amount of compression yet able to take off easily.

What’s Next?

The important question remains to be answered as we take the pair of running shoes to 100KM or more: the durability. It is important for us to review the performance and the durability of the running shoes. Both help us to formulate our view on the feasibility of going more sustainable.

We hope you have found our initial review of the Craft CTM Ultra 2 initial review informative and useful. Do share with your running friends and community if this has been helpful for you or anyone who might benefit from our work! Remember to check out our short clip for a first look at the CTM Ultra 2 below.

Links to CTM Ultra 2

Here are links to retailers who have the CTM Ultra 2 available.

  1. CRAFT Official Site – Craft CTM Ultra 2 (Men’s Black)
  2. Key Power Sports – Craft CTM Ultra 2 (Men’s Black)
  3. Key Power Sports – Craft CTM Ultra 2 (Women’s Crush White)
  4. Lazada | Craft Sportswear Singapore : Craft CTM Ultra 2 (Men’s Black)
  5. Lazada | Craft Sportswear Singapore: Craft CTM Ultra 2 (Women’s Black)

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