The Hyper Speed name has a long history in ASICS product of being a lightweight trainer. The latest update began in the last few years when ASICS refreshed its product line-up with many new running shoes. The Hyper Speed restarted its numeric count and is now in its 3rd iteration. The 2nd and 3rd iteration differs mainly in the upper construction. The Hyper Speed 2 can be considered as one of the high value contender in ASICS. Retailing for SGD 129 or USD 90, the Hyper Speed 2 delivers the key aspects for runners.

(Image 1: Hyper Speed 2)

Product Specifications

  • Size: US 11.5
  • Weight: 231 grams (8.1 oz)
  • Midsole Type: ASICS Flytefoam
  • Stack Height: 23 mm to 33 mm (10 mm drop)
  • Insole: EVA based insole (Unremovable)
  • Outsole Thickness: 2mm
  • Forefoot Width: 10.5 cm
  • Midfoot Width: 7 cm
  • Heel Width: 8 cm

Runner’s Profile

Prior to the review, it is important to establish my runner profile to better gauge my opinions on the shoes. For example, a lighter runner will experience differently the effects of midsole compared to a heavier runner. I am on the heavy side for a runner (75kg – 80kg) range and stands at 1.75m tall. My average weekly mileage ranges from 25km to 35km. I am a mid-foot/fore-foot strike with a neutral foot. I am normally a US size 11, with 2E foot width, although it varies depending on brands.


Pointer 1 – Best in Class for Value

The one main takeaway you should remember is that the ASICS Hyper Speed 2 truly represents the best in class value. It balances out the performance which Hyper Speed 2 provides at a very competitive pricing in today’s running footwears market. At under SGD 150, there is probably not many running footwears capable of delivering the cushion, quality, and performance.

Pointer 2 – Minimalistic & Breathable Upper

To optimize the Hyper Speed 2, ASICS has stripped down the upper to provide the essential without over-compromising on comfort and lockdown. The upper is filled with airflow pockets that improve on the breathability of the footwear. Even without a gusseted tongue, the lockdown over the midfoot hits the spot when you need it to. These could help ASICS to bring down the cost of manufacturing which is what the Hyper Speed is about.

Pointer 3 – Lightweight Package

With only the essentials, the Hyper Speed 2 comes in as a lightweight package. Not having a heavy footwear could benefit runners in terms of running efficiency. Imagine running with a 500 grams footwear compared to a 1 kg footwear. The difference while marginal on paper can change the overall running experience, especially during speedy workout or over a longer period of time. There are times when I reach out to the Hyper Speed 2 because of how it felt like “nothing” on my feet.

Pointer 4 – FlyteFoam w/ Sufficient Stack

ASICS has increased the stack height for the Hyper Speed 2 compared to before. While it is nowhere near what we see today as common in the market, it is sufficient for comfort and cushion. FlyteFoam from ASICS also does soften up after it has broken in. I can say it has since I clocked more runs in it since my first run.

Pointer 5 – Strong Contender in the Age of Expensive Running Footwear

In today’s increasingly expensive running footwears market, the Hyper Speed 2 is a breath of fresh air on our wallet. No doubt certain foam and features (e.g., carbon plate) can help to improve running performance, the base line of it all remains on the runner him/herself. The Hyper Speed 2 is a strong contender because of what it can deliver while matching various runners’ fitness level. To test this through, I did my 6K time trial in the Hyper Speed 2 instead of say the Magic Speed 3.

Certainly, there will be differences in the level of efforts and recovery period thereafter. But for a SGD 129 compared to a SGD 239 running footwear, this puts the Hyper Speed 2 as a highly versatile and high value pair of running footwear.

Concluding Remarks

There are many running footwear priced around this range in the market today but often they are are given the right treatment and attention. As such, the Hyper Speed 2 represents a prime example of a brand who loves their footwears and products. (Disclaimer: Not sponsored).

While this review came slightly later as the Hyper Speed 3 out in the market today, the main change with the new version is in the upper. There is a change in design of the upper, in the new version it is an engineered mesh upper and ASICS also added additional eyelet for better customization in lockdown. For runners out there looking for a running shoes that deliver performance in an affordable and lightweight package, the Hyper Speed 2 or 3 could be for you.

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