The third is the charm and with the ASICS Magic Speed 3 it certainly is the case. After experimenting around for 2 iterations, ASICS has in its arsenal a high performance racer/workout footwear. For runners who are looking to go fast, the ASICS Magic Speed 3 is one to consider. The Magic Speed 3 is much more a racer than before with its new MOTION WRAP upper as well as a full length carbon plate sandwiched between 2 layers of FF Blast+ cushioning. Magic Speed 3 retails for SGD 249 or USD 160.

Does My Five Key Pointers Still Hold After 100 KM?

Here are my initial Five Key Pointers

  • Pointer 1: Perfecting the Midsole
  • Pointer 2: More Stable than Magic Speed 2
  • Pointer 3: Race-Fit Upper w/ Good Lockdown
  • Pointer 4: Not for the Slow Runs, Suitable for Race Day & Trainings
  • Pointer 5: A Worthy Contender to Fit the Mass Market

Over the course of 100km as well as throwing the Magic Speed 3 into a marathon, the above pointers remain valid and true.

The change in midsole in the Magic Speed 3 has truly made it a joy to run in during the marathon race. The Magic Speed 3 is perfect for those looking to going below the sub-4 hours marathon. It is more than capable to handle the distance, provide the cushioning as well as pop when you need it.

One negative aspect which I found out during the race was the lacing and pressure points. Given its race-fit upper and thin layer of tongue, the laces did created a pressure point on my foot during the race. This might have occurred due prolonged period in a marathon but this is something to take note of, especially those who really like to tighten their laces.

Durability of this Pair of Running Shoes?

Durability of the Magic Speed 3 is a phenomenon. My pair is currently almost 150KM and the outsole sounds almost no signs of wear in most of the areas. There is but one area, the lateral heel, which I believe was caused by the marathon as well as my own running style. Even so, the wear is minor in my view.

What the Alternative Choices?

With the upcoming releases in 2024, we will need to update our assessment. But here are some of the alternative in the market based on price, performance. With the increase in price for Magic Speed 3 from the previous iteration, it creeps slightly above Zoom Fly 5 and Deviate Nitro 2.

Till next time, just keep running.

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