Disclosure: The Craft CTM Ultra 2 was purchased with our own money

Introduction to Footwear

A hybrid road and light trail running footwear launched by CRAFT. This is the 2nd iteration of the CTM Ultra, a non-plated high stack running footwear. The CTM Ultra 2 is Craft’s pro-grade running shoes for high mileage running. Even though it has a high stack height, the footwear is surprisingly lightweight with a single piece engineered mesh upper. The upper has an anatomic toe box to help provide a secure fit even without much hard structure.

Runner’s Profile

Prior to the review, it is important to establish my runner profile to better gauge my opinions on the shoes. For example, a lighter runner will experience differently the effects of midsole compared to a heavier runner. I am on the heavy side for a runner (75kg – 80kg) range and stands at 1.75m tall. My average weekly mileage ranges from 30km to 35km. I am a mid-foot/fore-foot strike with a neutral foot. I am normally a US size 11 although it varies depending on brands.

Does My Five Key Pointers Still Hold After 100 KM?

Here are my five key pointers from the initial review.

  • Pointer 1 – Surprisingly lightweight despite the stack height
  • Pointer 2 – A lightweight upper perfect for breathability and sufficient lockdown
  • Pointer 3 –Ud foam provide excellent cushioning and good amount of rebound
  • Pointer 4 – Sculpted midsole to provide a stable platform without hard plastics or structure
  • Pointer 5 – A later rocker coupled with a high drop of 10mm translate to a smooth transition

Pointer 1, 3, 4, and 5 has remained true during the 100KM run in the Craft CTM Ultra 2. The lightweight of the pair of running shoes has helped to make picking up pace easier and longer runs less heavy. The Ud foam continues to hold its resiliency in delivering cushioning even at the 100KM mark. Given its stack height and material, it is believed that the cushioning will last much farther down the running journey. However, the 10mm drop translated to a much lower stack forefoot. During my runs, it felt lesser foam underneath than it seems to be. Personally, I would prefer a drop of less than 10mm. But a 10mm drop does help with a quicker transition in each step.

What Has Changed Then?

Pointer 2 has changed slightly.

Over the 100km, I found that the lockdown did loosened up during longer runs and the lockdown is not sufficient to hold the lateral movement of the feet. There were a few long runs where I felt a need for more secured locked down than what I gotten. This could be due to the upper being very minimal without any structure in place. Yet, the high breathability of the upper is very welcomed in the hot climate of Southeast Asia.

Durability of this Pair of Running Shoes?

Over the course of 100KM, the it has been holding up. I observed the typical wear and tear in certain parts of the outsole (e.g., lateral heel). While it seems that the wear is quite substantial, I believe this is due to the design of the outsole. CTM Ultra 2 is primarily a hybrid (road/trail) running shoes, thus there needs to be some thicker lugs compared to a flat design in pure road running shoes. Overall, there has not been any degradation in the performance of the footwear over the course of 100KM.

What are some alternative choices?

The CTM Ultra 2 is a hybrid road/trail running shoes featuring a lightweight upper and high stack midsole. The outsole patterns and lugs provide usability on the road while enabling runners to tackle light trails. Based on these features, here are a few alternatives which you can consider from other brands. (Links embedded within)

ASICS – Gel-Trabuco 10 (M) / Gel-Trabuco 10 (W)

Nike – Pegasus Trail 4 (M) / Pegasus Trail 4 (W)

HOKA – Challenger ATR 6 (M) / Challenger ATR 6 (W)

New Balance – Fresh Foam X Hierro v7 (M)/ Fresh Foam X Hierro v7 (W)

Thanks for reading till the end of the post, we hope this has helped you to learn about the CRAFT CTM Ultra 2 and if it is one you like to grab. Do check out our other latest posts on Daily Running Co as well.

Till next time, just keep running!

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