Disclosure: The Hylo Light (previously Hylo Run 2.0) was purchased with our own money.

Daily Running Co Sustainability Project

This review is part of Daily Running Co’s Sustainability Project where we run in pairs of shoes targeted to reduce our impact on the environment. As part of the Project, we want to assess and determine the experience, feasibility, and learnings from threading lighter as a user. At the end of the project, we will publish a report on our findings.

Introduction to Footwear

The Hylo Run 2.0 is the only footwear product from Hylo Athletics. Recently, the company has changed the name to Hylo Light and is officially vegan.

Runner’s Profile

Prior to the review, it is important to establish my runner profile to better gauge my opinions on the shoes. For example, a lighter runner will experience differently the effects of midsole compared to a heavier runner. I am on the heavy side for a runner (75kg – 80kg) range and stands at 1.75m tall. My average weekly mileage ranges from 30km to 35km. I am a mid-foot/fore-foot strike with a neutral foot. I am normally a US size 11 although it varies depending on brands.

Statistics of the Running Shoes

  • Weight: 295 grams (Size: US 11.5)
  • Stack Height: 17mm (forefoot), 27mm (heel)
  • Drop: 10mm
  • Insole thickness: 4mm
  • Outsole thickness: 5mm

Does the Five Key Pointers still hold after 100km?

My five key pointers from the initial review were:

  1. Wide feet fits but concern remains,
  2. Secureness in the heel is not great,
  3. A very stable pair of running shoes,
  4. Firm corn spring midsole,
  5. Can breathability and comfort of the upper improve?

I still believe that the breathability and overall comfort could improve for the hylo Run 2.0. While it has not caused me serious problems over the testing period, it does fall short. My wide feet have no issue with the overall fit, but the internal structure could benefit from a change to make it more comfortable. After long hours of usage, I could feel a little discomfort on my feet.

Additionally, the Hylo Run 2.0 is indeed a very stable pair of running shoes which can also be used for static workouts. Over the testing period, I started to see the Hylo Run 2.0 more like a trainer which can double as a capable running shoes.

What Has Changed Then?

The midsole material has softened up slightly over the course of the 100 km. This made it a much easier pair of shoes to reach for during the early morning runs. I was surprised to find myself doing okay when I brought it out for a morning 10K run. That said, the midsole is not the level of softness/compression as some of the newer foams in market today (e.g., FF Blast or SR-02). Certainly something which the company can tackle in future iterations.

Durability of This Pair of Running Shoes?

After 100km, the Hylo Run 2.0 did not show huge wear and tear in the upper and the midsole. In terms of the outsole, some of the patterns have faded and you could make out the areas of degradation. However, it does not change the overall performance for the Hylo Light. On the contrary, I suspect the little wear of the outsole could helped to make the underfoot comfortable better. The initial firm on foot feeling could be due to outsole.

Image 1: Hylo Run 2.0 Outsole Wear

Can This be a Potential Choice for Performance Running?

Maybe, but not for a serious runner training for half or full marathons. Thus far, the Hylo Run 2.0 has been able to support my easy runs up to 10km. Even during faster run, the Hylo Run 2.0 displayed great stability and assurance for quick turnovers. However, I do not think this pair is meant for your faster workouts. It is possible but not ideal.

The overall construction of the Hylo Run 2.0 seems more like a trainer for workouts and some running. Providing high level of stability while equipping it with a good amount of outsole rubber and holding power for the upper, it fits the requirement of trainer. It will be very suitable for strength training while incorporating some short runs.

That said, given its current price point (about SGD 180), there are other options in the market which include:

  • For sustainability themed running shoes, there are Adidas Parley x Adizero running shoes (SGD 170) or Zen Running Club’s ZR-01 (about SGD 200),
  • For non-sustainability themed running shoes, there are HOKA Rincon 3 (SGD 189) or ASICS Evoride 3 (SGD 179) or Nike Winflo 9 (SGD 165).


The Hylo Light, previously known as Hylo Run 2.0, is a splendid product for those looking for company hot on the sustainability trend. The Hylo Light/Run 2.0 is a splendid choice for days which incorporate mixed session of strength training and short runs. Additionally, Hylo Athletics discloses information about the materials as well as production for their products, a must for company serious about sustainability. In my opinion, the Hylo Light/Run 2.0 might be a product more suited as a trainer for static workout and light runs. A versatile pair footwear for your well-rounded training, just not a 100% performance running shoes you will take to a marathon or half marathon.

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