The Magic Speed 3 from ASICS is set to release June 1st, 2023, in multiple markets globally. ASICS has positioned the product to cater for both a training and a racing shoe. The Magic Speed series go up against other currently well-received running shoes such as the Saucony Endorphin Speed 3, the Puma Deviate Nitro 2, or even the Adidas Takumi Sen 9. Will the Magic Speed 3, and ASICS, take off even further from here with their success or will the Magic Speed 3 going to miss the spot?

ASICS Magic Speed 3 (Credit: ASICS)

Key Changes to Magic Speed 3

Here are the changes from the Magic Speed 2 to the Magic Speed 3.

 Magic Speed 2Magic Speed 3
UpperEngineered MeshMotion WRAP
MidsoleDual layer (FF Blast w/ Flytefoam)Dual layer (FF Blast Plus)
Weight (grams/oz)229.6g/8.1oz221g/7.8oz
Drop (mm)7mm~8mm7mm
PlateFull-length carbon and TPU plateFull-length carbon plate
Price (US$)US$ 150US$ 160
Table 1: Comparison between Magic Speed 2 and Magic Speed 3

What is Motion WRAP?
“The MOTION WRAP™ upper, made from a lightweight Nexkin material, realizes both high breathability and provides supportive reinforcement on the shoe’s platform. The Nexkin material is also used in ASICS trail running shoes such as the Fujispeed and also more recently in Novablast 3 LE.”


Other changes include the widen base for Magic Speed 3 which improve the ground contact experience for the runner. The ride will be smoother and more stable as a runner strive through with the Magic Speed 3. The Magic Speed 3 is also US$10 more expensive than the previous iteration.

In my earlier review of the Magic Speed 2, I highlighted two key pointers for runners to consider when they buy the shoes. The first is relating to the time needed to break in and softened up the midsole. With the softened midsole, the ride and performance of the Magic Speed 2 improved quite significantly. Another pointer is the less amount of stability/stable ride as compared to other running shoes in similar category. While it was not an issue to run in the Magic Speed 2, it does create some concern for me due to my running style.

Full Review Magic Speed 2


The updates announced in the Magic Speed 3 are highly welcomed. The updated midsole with FF Blast PLUS will increase the amount of compression and cushioning. The whole idea of using Flytefoam for a stable base has transited to using the full-length carbon plate to provide stability. At the same time, the widen base in the Magic Speed 3 will further improve the stability.

With the updates, the Magic Speed 3 is in a good position to fly. But in my opinion, there is a catch. The updates for Magic Speed 3 continue to push its performance towards the racing specifications. In comparison to Endorphin Speed 3 and Deviate Nitro 2, where the versatility and usability are 2 big parts of the story, the Magic Speed 3 could be more race-like. But this can only be confirmed after testing the Magic Speed 3 to see how it performs over different workouts and distances.

Yet even if this comes out to be true, there is still a positive implication for ASICS. Within ASICS product line-up, there is still the Glideride 3. The Glideride 3 is one ASICS earlier implementation of their GUIDESOLE technology. Priced at US$150, it takes the same price spot as Magic Speed 2. The updates to Magic Speed 3 will help to differentiate the Glideride and the Magic Speed series better. While we are not sure if the Glideride series will see an update soon but if this series continues, runner could also explore the Glideride as potential. Perhaps, this will also change the way runners interact with the ASICS product line up.

Till next time, just keep running.

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