Without much fanfare and coverage, New Balance Singapore has refreshed two of their products recently. The first is a pair which has been in New Balance’s line-up for a long time, the Fresh Foam X 880v13. The second pair is lesser known of the Fuelcell family, the Propel v4.

Fresh Foam X 880v13 – What’s New?

The 880 series is a staple in New Balance line up and well-known among the running community. Since the modernization of the 880 with the v10, New Balance has continued to improve the series. Now in its 13th iteration, New Balance has since delivered a new midsole construction and refreshed its upper design.

The upper design is the main change from v12 to v13 while the midsole and outsole remained largely the same. In the 880v12, the upper is a double layer knit with engineered mesh but it changes to an engineered mesh upper in the version 13. Another change to the 880 series is the price for the Singapore market. The v12 was S$209 and the price for v13 has increased by S$20 to S$229. However, the price in USD has not changed. Lastly, the weight of the 880 remains largely the same, coming in at 300 grams or 10.6 oz.

Fuelcell Propel v4 – What’s New?

In the Fuelcell series, the Rebel and the RC Elite gotten most of the fame and attention. But there is also the Propel which has been the more affordable option to experience the Fuelcell over the others. The price of the Propel series has increased by US$10 in this iteration but for the Singapore market, it remains at S$179 for v3 and v4.

Fuelcell Propel v4 (Credit: New Balance)

The v4 is a radical change from the v3 and placed the Propel more closely with the Fuelcell racers. Featuring a TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) plate and increased stack height of the midsole, the Propel v4 is a substantial upgrade from its predecessors. For its upper, it is equipped with an engineered mesh with no-sew construction providing a sleek fit.

Fuelcell Propel v4 TPU Plate (Credit: New Balance)

With the increase stack and TPU plate sandwiched in the midsole, the weight of the Propel v4 is much heavier than before. The v4 weighs in at 302.6 grams or 10.7 oz, a good 43.6 grams or 1.6 oz heavier than before.  

Where is the Fresh Foam X 880v13 and Fuelcell Propel v4 available?

New Balance Singapore has both available today on their webpages, link below. Other retailers including iRUN Singapore and Royal Sporting House has 880v13 (Female) and Propel v4 respectively. For these retailers, do check out their webpage or visit their store for more accurate stock and updates.

Fresh Foam X 880v13

880v13 (Male) – New Balance Singapore Link

880v13 (Female) – New Balance Singapore Link

880v13 (Male) – New Balance US Link

880v13 (Female) – New Balance US Link

Fuelcell Propel v4

Propel v4 (Male) – New Balance Singapore Link

Propel v4 (Female) – New Balance Singapore Link

Propel v4 (Male) – New Balance US Link

Propel v4 (Female) – New Balance US Link

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