Marathon Speed for All

An ambition that Nike wants to achieve with the upcoming Nike AlphaFly 3. Will Nike succeed in this and see its revenue increase further? This is not a pair of cheap shoes, priced at S$399.0, same as last version, it is one of the most expensive running shoes in market.

Credit: Nike

Yet, there are good reasons for why this is an expensive yet sought after pair of “Super Shoes” in market. It boils down to the technologies that go into a pair of the AlphaFly even since its start. Nike has continued to improve it over time with better stability, bounce, and optimizing for its use cases (e.g., over longer distance like a Marathon). You can tell that Nike takes this project seriously for over a course of 5 years, since Eliud Kipchoge broke the sub-2 hours marathon, only 3 versions have been released.

Credit: Nike

What are the Main Changes?

The key components of the AlphaFly remain the same – two Air Zoom units, a carbon Flyplate, and Nike’s ZoomX foam. For the Flyplate, Nike has widen the plate as well as incorporate a continuous midsole bottom. This is expected to improve the overall stability of the AlphaFly while catering to different foot-strike patterns.

Nike also updated the outsole of from mini lugs to a new Fast Shot outsole. On the flipside, the AlphaFly 3 is fitted with an all new Atomknit 3.0 which appears to have been redesign in terms of how it is made as well as the direction of weaver.

Overall here is the specification of the new AlphaFly 3

  • Weight: 218g (men’s size 9) – previously was 249g (men’s size 9)
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 8mm (same)
  • Price: S$399.0 (same)

The AlphaFly 3 will be coming out on 4th January 2024 according to Nike. Personally, I would love to test out the AlphaFly 3 however, the last and narrow-fit have limited me and in whole of Nike products. Nike is a leading innovator in this space and it is always a struggle not being able to wear their footwear.

For now, we will wait for its official release date and see how its goes. Till next time, just keep running.

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