The long awaited update to one of Nike’s top racer has landed in Singapore, Vaporfly 3. This comes alongside a classic in the brand’s product line-up, the Pegasus 40. The Nike Vaporfly 3 is an all-around racing shoe that can help runners go any distance, the choice for your race day. While the Pegasus 40 is a reliable daily trainer any runner can count on.

What is New in the Vaporfly 3 & Pegasus 40?

Vaporfly 3 Introduction & Specifications

Nike has marketed the new Vaporfly 3 as a shoe that provides race day speed to conquer any distance. To do so, there were a few key changes Nike made. The first is the improved stability from the design of the midsole. The second is improving the comfort and stable ride through transition with a reductive midsole geometry which has a convex shape. This also help Nike to reduce the weight of the Vaporfly 3. The Vaporfly 3 also has Flyknit provided at zonal-specific design to provide support and breathability

Nike Vaporfly 3 (Credit: Nike)

Here are the specifications of the new Vaporfly 3

  • Weight: 165 grams ( XX Oz) for Female size US 8, and 200 grams ( XX Oz) for Male size US 10
  • Drop/Offset: 8 mm
  • Stack Height: <40 mm
  • Price: US$250/ SGD 319

Links to Nike Singapore Vaporfly 3

  1. Vaporfly 3 (Male)
  2. Vaporfly 3 (Female)

At SGD 319, the Vaporfly is perhaps has a very favorable position within the market. A key reason for this comes from its performance-cost matrix. It well-known that the Vaporfly is a very capable shoe to help runner looking to break their Personal Best (PR) time. It is also one of Nike’s top of the range shoe, equipped with the latest technologies.

Comparisons of Plated Shoe (Credit: All Brands & Daily Running Co)

While I have not ran in the Vaporfly 3 before, it will be an interesting comparison with the Puma’s Deviate Nitro Elite 2. In terms of pricing, it stands almost in the middle of the crowd for top racers. This is assuming we do not include the racers >SGD 350 such as:

  1. Nike’s Alphafly 2 (SGD 399),
  2. Puma FAST-R (SGD 399), or
  3. Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 (SGD 369).

Pegasus 40 Introduction & Specifications

Aside from the race day option, Nike has also released an update to its classic, the Pegasus 40. With each update, Nike will refreshed either the upper or the midsole/outsole of shoe. In this version, the upper of the Pegasus has a new redesigned mid-foot band to provide improved secured fit. The upper also features a new single-layer mesh to create a breathable experience.

Nike Pegasus 40 (Credit: Nike)

Here are the specifications of the new Pegasus 40

  • Weight: 242 grams ( XX Oz) for Female size US 8, and 288 grams ( XX Oz) for Male size US 10
  • Drop/Offset: 10 mm
  • Stack Height: Unknown
  • Price: US$130/ SGD 219

Links to Nike Singapore Pegasus 40

  1. Pegasus 40 (Male)
  2. Pegasus 40 (Female)

Closing Remarks

Nike has been a brand I struggled with due to my wide feet and its price. However, in recent time, the price of other brands have started to catch up with Nike. As such, perhaps it will be time for me to re-visit Nike and come to understand their running shoes better.

There are exciting releases for road running in the later half of the year. One of them has peaked my interest. I will cover this in another post. Till next time, just keep running.

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