On Holding AG who went public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is expecting to see their 2022 net sales to reach 1.1 billion Swiss francs (US$ 1.6 billion). This is a huge increase compared to their net sales in 2021 at 724.6 million Swiss francs. The company has been a key player in making sustainability work for the industry and it forms a key focus for On Holding. The company aims to reduce their direct emission by 46% by 2030 while working to decrease indirect emissions from its supply chain & end user usage. To do so, On has taken the step to launch their new resale marketplace – Onward.

Onward allows customers to send in lightly or moderately used shoes back to the company for a US$35 gift card. However, the shoes have to be in good enough condition else they would be donated or recycled. Shoes which make the cut will be sorted into three categories of near perfect, very good, or good with prices in descending order.

On has also earlier started their Cyclon subscription program which aims to create a fully circular footwear. The subscription program charges a monthly fee of USD 29.99 or SGD 45 for a 6-month duration. A new pair can be requested once every 6 months as On claimed that the Cloudneo’s average lifespan.

“It will obviously take us years to be fully circular,” said Samuel Wenger, On’s global direct-to-consumer head. The new resale site, Onward, “is a perfect in-between step,” Wenger said. 

Onward was created together with the Trove, an e-commerce technology company which operates re-sale site for other well-known apparel brands (e.g., Patagonia and Lululemon). Other brands such as Allbirds also have their own resale marketplace to tackle the challenge of sustainability faced by the industry.

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