What is the Fast-Trac Nitro?

The Puma Fast-Trac Nitro is a do-it-all type of running shoe from Puma. Puma has targeted runners who need a shoe which can handle all types of terrain from the roads to the loose trails and my gravel. This is enabled by the dual-layer midsole foam – the NITRO foam and ProFoam Lite. In addition, Puma has used an integrated eyestays design to enhance the snug fit of the Fast-Trac Nitro.

Specifications of Fast-Trac Nitro

The Upper of the Fast-Trac Nitro is a ripstop mesh upper with forefoot drainage ports. Ripstop mesh is made from woven fabrics (e.g., nylon) in a pattern that makes them more resistant to tearing. For example, a mixed of stronger materials with the regular materials interwoven to reinforce the upper construction. Puma also incorporated Puma Formstrip on the lateral to help with the lockdown and structure.

The Fast-Trac Nitro has a Heel-to-Toe Drop of 8mm, as of webpage there is no stated stack height. The midsole is a Dual layer midsole with the Nitro Foam and bottom ProFoam Lite. The NITRO foam, now widely known, is an advanced nitrogen-injected foam providing responsiveness while maintaining the a lighter weight. The ProFoam Lite is an lightweight EVA used in the bottom layer of the midsole for the Fast-Trac Nitro. Lastly, the outsole of the Fast-Trac Nitro is using PUMAGRIP ATR (All Terrain Rubber), a high traction rubber with an excellent performance in grip.

Opinion on Puma’s Trail Running Products

Since Puma’s strike back into the performance running market, it has achieved much success. Recognitions of how good the NITRO foam and PUMAGRIP have gained traction among various running communities. Thus, Puma also seeks to bring its innovativeness into the trail running products by learning from its road running success.

Puma has lined up an exciting product range for trail running in 2023. The Fast-Trac Nitro is but the first to be launched this year. There are at least 2 more upcoming products: (i) Voyage Nitro 3 and (ii) Fast Track Apex. The Voyage Nitro 3 will see updates to its design as well as midsole with an expected release date in July 2023. The Fast Track Apex is Puma’s attempt at maximizing its innovativeness and creating a race day product for very technical terrain.

What is available now with Puma Singapore?

The other option a runner in Singapore has for trail running is the Voyage Nitro 2. One key difference the Voyage Nitro 2 has is its thicker stack height for midsole as well as the overall design. The Voyage Nitro 2 is Puma’s max cushion option in trail running which is targeted to tackle all terrain with comfort. Similar to the design of the Fast-Trac Nitro, Voyage Nitro 2 has a dual-layers setup in its midsole. One key consideration for runners is the marginal price difference between them Fast-Trac Nitro and Voyage Nitro 2, SGD10 to be precise.

It might seems confusing for Puma to have shoes so closely priced and with similar type of technologies in both. Runners could end up not being sure which is the one to go for. However, there is another perspective. For one this arrangement benefits runners as one could choose the type you want without much price difference. A speedy shoe or a max cushion shoe for trail, alongside the comfort and design.

Overall, Puma has taken big steps to grow their performance running products over the past few years. This has resulted in good success in capturing runners’ heart for the brand. With the trial line-up for 2023, positive momentum could be expected for Puma trail running. I am excited to see how Puma continues to bring innovations and excellent products to the market.

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