Since Puma introduced their Nitro foam, the brand has won back observers and runners to look more closely at the brand. The Nitro foam is one of Puma game changer in its performance running department. Yet, it would not have been successful without the well thought out product line-up from the Liberate to the Deviate. Puma has brought out a 2nd iteration for most of its product line-up while introducing new products to excite runners. This include the more recent launch of Deviate Nitro Elite 2.

With the arrival of max stack running shoes by other brands, Puma certainly would not be out of the race. The ForeverRUN Nitro is Puma’s answer to the max stack of other brands. This comes neatly with the launches from other brands such as the Nike recently launched Invincible Run 3, the ASICS Nimbus 25.

The ForeverRUN Nitro features a 10 mm drop with a heel stack of 40 mm. ForeverRUN Nitro features PWRTAPE, RUNGUIDE, and PUMAGRIP. Puma’s PWRTAPE, to help with securing the upper and extra durability, RUNGUIDE, the minor stability element to keep you in place, and the famous high traction PUMAGRIP. Puma sets out to balance the softness of a full Nitro midsole without it being overly compressive resulting in instability. To achieve this, Puma introduced the RUNGUIDE, a firmer Nitro foam along the rim, alongside its Nitro foam at the core.

Specifications of ForeverRUN Nitro

Weight: 269 grams (9.5 oz) – US 9 / UK 8

Drop: 10mm

Heel to Toe Stack Height: 40mm to 30mm

Price: US$150 / S$229

Where is it available?

As of this post, the Puma ForeverRUN Nitro is available only at Puma shops & webpage only.

Link to Puma Singapore ForeverRUN Nitro

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