Prior to the era of the high stack carbon plated shoes, competitive runners achieved their personal best with shoes that are lower in stack and lightweight. You can even say finding the sweet spot between cushion and weight. For example, the Adios series from Adidas, the Sortiemagic series from ASICS or the Streak series from Nike.

While the high stack carbon plated shoes we know of today is here to stay, the role of lightweight non plated racer has once again come into the spotlight. Running shoes such as the Adios has traditionally included a torsion system to reduce the amount of lateral movement. These could also be considered as the early stage of implementing rigid materials into the midsole. After a few years of carbon plated running shoes, it is safe to say that there are demand for non-plated racer in the market. Not all runners will be able to use the carbon plated shoes for prolong period or at all.

Upcoming Launch of Adizero Adios 8 and Adizero Boston 12

In light of this, Adidas has made huge changes for its Adizero Adios and Boston series this year. The Adizero Adios 8 is positioned as a racing allrounder which can provide runners the edge they need during their races. While the Adizero Boston 12 is their performance training shoes. Both will see a big positive change in their design and quality this year based on the paper specifications shared. One such big positive change is the introduction of the Lightstrike 2.0, a lighter and softer cushioning. At the same time, Adidas has updated its Energy Torsion Rod design to better cater for the runners – through a third rod.

Credit: Adidas

Here is some public information for the Adizero Adios 8 and Adizero Boston 12

Adizero Adios 8

  • LIGHTWEIGHT MESH UPPER – The all-new upper construction of the Adios 8 is stripped back, making it the lightest Adios ever. With the new micro-fit pattern, the shoe still locks runners in during high-speed races.
  • ENERGYTORSION ROD 2.0 – The updated ENERGYTORSION ROD 2.0 is embedded in the midsole and features a new third rod that runs from the midfoot to the forefoot for a snappy toe-off.
  • LIGHTSTRIKE PRO + LIGHTSTRIKE 2.0 – Experience an enhanced low-stack midsole construction. Featuring adidas’ LIGHTSTRIKE PRO foam in the forefoot and the all-new LIGHTSTRIKE 2.0 in the heel and midfoot area. This combination gives runners a cushioned landing and a dynamic spring feeling. Continental™ rubber on the outsole provides superior grip in all road racing conditions.
  • MADE IN PART WITH RECYCLED MATERIALS – Made with at least 50% recycled materials in the upper, this product represents just one of adidas’ solutions to help End Plastic Waste.

Adizero Boston 12

  • ENGINEERED MESH – Helping runners take on their tempo training runs with a breathable fit. Experience the targeted support of engineered key zones that provide both midfoot lockdown and forefoot flexibility.
  • ENERGY RODS 2.0 – Feel high-performance midsole stiffness with the glass-fiber infused ENERGY RODS 2.0. A holistic system designed for a seamless transition from heel to toe, bringing race-day performance to high-speed training runs.
  • LIGHTSTRIKE PRO + LIGHTSTRIKE 2.0 – A layered midsole construction consisting of adidas’ high-performance foam, LIGHTSTRIKE PRO, and the all-new LIGHTSTRIKE 2.0 is engineered to deliver a cushioned and dynamic ride. The Continental™ outsole provides superior grip in the most demanding conditions.
  • MADE IN PART WITH RECYCLED MATERIALS – Made with at least 50% recycled materials in the upper, this product represents just one of adidas’ solutions to help End Plastic Waste.
Credit: Adidas

Both running shoes will be available globally on 15th June 2023 via the adidas app, their online stores or in physical stores. The Boston 12 is expected to retail for US$160 while the Adios 8 will retail for US$130. Not sure what the official price in Singapore Dollars but certainly hopes it remains the same.

Personally, hearing that the width for the Adios has been a delightful news for me. Being a wide foot runner, I often struggle with sizing and fit for Adidas shoes. As much as I want to jump into the brand. If I were to choose one between the two, I will go for the Adios 8. Here are my reasons.

  1. The new midsole design with Lightstrike 2.0 and more Lightstrike Pro. With the new Energy Torsion Rods 2.0, I could imagine using the Adios 8 as my go to for many different workouts. Apart from a long slow run.
  2. Upon reading the update to Adios 8, it remained me of the Adizero Pro. The Adios 8 could have been the Adizero Pro should it have been carried forward with the new foam and design. I had the Adizero Pro and I loved it.  
  3. Widen base, a yay for the wide foot runners. I hope it does fit much better than the previous Adios versions which are too narrow.
  4. Overall perceived value considering price, durability, and use cases.

I’m sure excited to see their release in about a week time. What about you, which will be your preferred choice and what are the reasons? With either, just remember to just keep running!

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