Under Armour has recently released two new products for their running series – UA Infinite Elite & UA Infinite Pro. Will Under Armour positive momentum in products continue with these two seemingly similar running shoes? Are these two related to the HOVR Infinite 5 and could we expect the use of the HOVR+ in new HOVR Infinite 6?

What is the UA Infinite Elite & Pro? What Are Their Differences?

About Infinite Elite & Pro

I often feel Under Armour do not give their product sufficient effort when it comes to communication. Both the Elite and the Pro have fairly similarly wordings in its description. And the UA Infinite Pro has error on its description stating it is HOVR midsole while the image clearly shows HOVR+.

For both Infinite Elite and Pro, the brand market these as having the perfect amount of support and springy cushioning to help runners keep their legs feeling fresh. It seems like the key difference will be price, upper, and design.

UA Infinite ProUA Infinite Elite
Price (SGD)SGD 209SGD 239
Weight (oz/grams)11.5/32611.5/326
Stack HeightUnknownUnknown
Upper MaterialUA IntelliKnit UpperEngineered Wrap Knit w/ 3D Haptic Print Detail
OutsoleLightweight, Thinweb RubberRubber Outsole
Table 1: Specification for UA Infinite Pro & Elite

Is This Related to UA HOVR Infinite 5/6? Or Is This a Replacement?

Perhaps the more interesting insight from the release of Infinite Elite and Pro is whether it is related to the underperforming lost child – UA HOVR Infinite 5. I skipped reviewing the HOVR Infinite 5 for running as it did not fit the bill and competitiveness (in both price and performance) in today’s market. While Under Armour has given the Infinite a refresh from the 3rd version, it still performed sub-optimally. Credit where it is due, the refresh does make the Infinite 4 and 5 much more appealing aesthetically.

Looking at the price of the Infinite Pro, same as Infinite 5, I cannot help but wonder if this will be the replacement for the Infinite 5. If this is a replacement then I will say this is a good pivot as it differentiate itself farther from the Sonic series – which I believe is the best value in Under Armour’s running shoes.

What do you think about the new Infinite Pro and Elite? Feel free to drop us a text. Till next time, just keep running.

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