Under Armour has released an update to both their Sonic and Infinite series this year. Both running shoes feature new upper design in order to improve breathability. As Under Armour has started to decommission their MapMyRun function for their running shoes, the Sonic 6 and Infinite 5 do not come with Bluetooth to connect with the mobile application.

Without the need to incorporate Bluetooth within the running shoes, I hope Under Armour will be able to focus greater attention and resources into the key components (e.g., foam) of their running shoes.

Sonic 6

Under Armour markets the Sonic 6 as a light and supportive running shoe for the everyday running. Notably, the upper seems to have been improved over the previous iteration. Overall, there is no change in the weight, drop, or stack height of the Sonic 6 compared to 5. Before we dive into identifying the changes, here are specifications of the Sonic 6 are as follows:

  • Offset: 8mm
  • Weight: 280.1g (9.9 oz.)
  • Stack Height (Forefoot to Heel): 17mm to 25mm

The new Sonic 6 has an engineered mesh upper with external heel counter to provide the structure and stability. Based on the images, this upper looks lighter and airier compared to the Sonic 5. Key changes include (i) design of the external heel structure and (ii) lacing structure and system.

The midsole for the Sonic 6 continues to use Under Armour’s HOVR foam. The changes, based on the images, seems to be the design and pattern of the midsole compared to Sonic 5. There is no change in terms of the stack height for the Sonic 6 compared to Sonic 5.

Outsole material remains to be a combination of Carbon Rubber and Blown Rubber to ensure durability and lightweight. In terms of the design, it has changed slightly compared to the Sonic 5. The new outsole design improves the flexibility of the Sonic 6 to ensure a smoother ride.

For Under Armour, there is another version of the Sonic series – its Breeze series. Similarly, the changes in the new Sonic 6 Breeze are in the upper. The lacing system has been changed and the area covered with the Breeze idea extends further back towards the heel area. In terms of weight, the new Sonic 6 Breeze is slighter heavier than previous iteration but still lighter than the traditional Sonic 6. The Sonic 6 comes in at 269 grams (9.5 oz) compared to 260 grams (9.17 oz) in the Sonic 5 Breeze.

In terms of pricing, both the traditional and Breeze version have seen an increase of S$10 over its previous version. However, the price in USD remains the same at US$110 on Under Armour’s US webpage for the Sonic 6.

Infinite 5

Aside from the Sonic 6, the Infinite series also received a new iteration spotting a new upper. The upper changed from the engineered mesh upper to an engineered spacer mesh upper. In addition, the lacing system has been updated from the Infinite 4 and a side pull tab at the back.

  • Offset: 8mm
  • Weight: 294.8g (10.4 oz.)
  • Stack Height (Forefoot to Heel): 10mm to 28mm

In terms of pricing, there is an increase of S$10 over its previous version. However, the price in USD remains the same at US$120 on Under Armour’s US webpage for the Infinite 5.

Opinions on the Sonic 6 & Infinite 5

Of the two updates, I personally am interested to review the Sonic 6 more than the Infinite 5 for several reasons.

  1. The fit of the Infinite 5 is not friendly for wide feet runners. I have tried the Infinite 5 in store and the fit of the running shoes creates discomfort on my feet. This is probable due to the last used for the Infinite 5. During my try on, I noticed the upper remains quite padded throughout which I don’t fancy.
  2. In terms of changes from its previous iteration, the Sonic 6 has more new features as compared to the Infinite 5.
  3. Both running shoes have increased its price by another S$10 here in Singapore pushing the Infinite above the S$200 mark to S$209 while the Sonic 6 at S$189. I continued to fancy researching and finding running shoes which are affordable for the everyday runner and non-elite runner. Thus, I am interested to find out if the Sonic 6 continues to be a worth choice for runners.

Good Deals & Promotion

For runners looking to for a good deal on Under Armour running shoes, Under Armor is currently having promotion – “Go The Extra Mile”. If you are buying multiple items, you can check it out. For those looking only to buy a single item, Zalora Singapore is having a huge discount for Under Armour running shoes (at 40% off). The Sonic 6 is only at about S$113 and the Infinite 5 at about S$125. For Zalora Singapore, the discount is only till 22nd May 2023.

That’s all for now, till next time, just keep running.

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