Adidas has just announced a big refresh for its Supernova series! Previous review of the Supernova 2 came up disappointing. Thus, I have not given it a full review due to its performance and not picked up the Supernova 3. Therefore, I am excited that Adidas is throwing new paint on the Supernova series.

Based on Believe in The Run, there are 3 different models that will carry the Supernova name: (1) Supernova Rise, (2) Supernova Solution, and (3) Supernova Stride. The Supernova Rise will be coming out in December of this year and next year for the other two.

A Dream Come True for the Supernova??

Adidas has threw in a new PEBA based foam, Dreamstrike+, for the Supernova Rise. Stability has been address through the EVA based Support Rods, according to Kofuzi, which sit at the bottom of the midsole. A new foam to replace the underperforming Bounce foam is the main takeaway. The original Supernova raised questions in terms of design when I had my review. Therefore, with the new Dreamstrike+ foam, it gives the Supernova a much needed breath of fresh air.

Size:US Size 9
Weight9.8 oz (277 grams)
Heel Stack36mm
Forefoot Stack26mm
Source: Running Warehouse

With the new bells and whistles given to the Supernova lineup, the price has also creeped up. The Supernova Rise is expected to retail for about USD140 as compared to the USD100 of the Supernova 3. The increase in price raises 3 key questions:

  1. The contrast between Adizero SL (USD120) and Supernova Rise (USD140). How should runners choose between the two given the positive reviews which Adizero SL has obtained thus far.
  2. Is the Supernova Rise just a lower priced Boston 12 with the support rods?
  3. Will the Supernova lineup runs parallel to the Adizero lineup while catering for a different consumer group? For example: ASICS Gel-series and Blast/Speed series.

When the Supernova Rise comes to market, I will definitely check it out and gather more insights. Will Adidas be able to use this to help bolster its performance footwear sales moving into 2024? It remains to be seen.

Till next time, just keep running!

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