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At the recent Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2023 Exhibition, I came across a local brand that specialize in bags – Bold. Looking around at their exhibition, I decided to make a purchase of their classic – the Quiver – for myself. I been looking for a sports/day pack for awhile now and it was the perfect chance as they were running promotion during the exhibition.

About the Quiver & its Features

The Quiver is more than just a gym bag and designed to be as portable as a day bag while offering functionality. Quiver is a stylish, brilliant, multi-functional sports bag designed around the lives of athletes, professionals, and travelers. It is designed to have the same portability as a day bag but with far greater functionality. Features include:

  • Weather resistant zippers
  • Front-load main compartment – Spacious storage and easy access
  • Flatlay Opening – Full view of main compartment
  • Ventilated Shoe Compartment – Fits up to men’s size 13 shoes
  • Quick access front pocket – Suitable for small valuables
  • Multiple dedicated compartments – For toiletries and clothes
  • Touchscreen-sensitive compartment – For phone usage
  • Expandable water bottle
  • Secure card slot – Located in strap
  • 3 Different carry styles – Grip it, sling it or backpack* it
    (To use Quiver as a backpack, purchase of an additional strap is required.)

Five Key Takeaways From Initial Use

Pointer 1 – Excellent Design for Multi-purpose Usage

When I first saw this bag I thought back to the Shoebox which Nike has. I wanted to buy that initially but to pay almost SGD50 retail for it, it felt a little too much. Also I could not see it fitting into other occasions to use aside from workouts.

Out & About

And then I saw the Quiver. It fits the bill for carrying to workouts, I have taken it out for a weekly run as well as a swimming session. With the grip handle at the top, the Quiver also allow me to hang it during shower while having access to clothes and toiletries. This is a savior especially when there are no space to put your clean set of clothes. Also the top compartment, in the photo, is touch sensitive, so you can still use your mobile phone without it getting wet.

Discovering New Use for Quiver

Aside from using it as workout bag, the Quiver could also fit my 14″ laptop or tablet in the main compartment. I did use it to bring my laptop with the chargers and work items. The Quiver is not meant to do this but it can. There is no protection for the laptop if you do hit into something so do take note. For users wanting to do this, you need to know that the weight and weight distribution will affect the carrying experience. If you do want to, either buy the additional strap or go up one size to Kinesis.

Pointer 2 – No Skimming on Build Quality & Material Choice

Aside from versatility, I found the overall build quality of the bag to be good. Thus far, I could not find a spot where the material felt cheap or of bad quality. The strap, zips, and the materials used for the bag does reflect on the price you pay. I really like how the top handle is thick and sturdy with stitching that has been done properly to ensure durability. The waterproofing outer is true to its word as well.

True to its Words, Water-proofing

Pointer 3 – Plan Ahead What To Carry

The bag can support carrying items for 1 main activity and your personal items. Either there will not sufficient space to hold the 2nd activity or your items will be in a mess where the wet and dry will interact. In my case, I tried doing running and reading a book thereafter, it did not work. However, if it was swimming I can imagine it to work a book being slot into the footwear compartment. There is a good reason why this is called an “Essential Sports Bag“. If you plan to have 2 different activities, you might want to look at Kinesis which carries 18L.

Kinesis (Credit: Bold)

You have to also plan ahead the toiletries and clothes you bring in this bag. A large items for toiletries with 3 or 4 max. In terms of the clothes you can carry, I found sports attire easy to fit into the bag but anything more and it starts to face trouble. Especially when you are considering long pants or shirts.

Pointer 4 – Could Expand on Quick Access Compartment Volume

The quick access compartment is a good addition for a multi-purpose day bag. However, I could not put the standard items in it without squeezing. Standard items include sunglasses (w/ its box), my earbuds case, utility pouch (for tissues), and power bank. As this compartment is often exposed to people when carried, I would not put my wallet and valuable here. On this note, while I could put my phone and valuable in the inner compartment, it does make it harder to access without taking the bag down.

Pointer 5 – Two Areas Which I Wonder About!

Pointer 5A – The limited use of the card slot in my day to day. I do not disagree this is a good addition especially during overseas travel. You can slot in the transportation card here without having to reach into your pockets or wallets. But locally, I have not utilize it as the transportation card has been sync to my mobile phone.

Pointer 5B – I do wonder if it is necessary to pay another SGD15 for another strap and make it into a backpack. I tried the strap during the exhibition and the overall carrying experience is much better. The weight distribution is equally split on your shoulders which allow you to carry other items such as the laptop I tried above. But to buy it in addition, it does make me hesitate to say “Yes”.

Concluding Remarks

Overall, the Quiver is a versatile and capable bag for multi-purpose use. The quality and carrying experience thus far have been positive. However, I will continue to use them over a time period to see if any issues and durability problem surface.

More about Bold

Bold pride themselves as one of the few brands that create high-performance bags for both active and urban-professional lifestyles around here. In order to stay competitive and strive better in comparison with the big brands out there already offering bags in all forms at comparably affordable prices.

Quiver and Kinesis are not the only products Bold has in its offering. There is also the Mimic, the smallest, as well as the PYX, its largest product at 24L. Right now, they are running a campaign for the end of 2023 with 17% off (w/ code BOLD2023) most products. Aside from the individual products, if you have the need for different bags or a buddy or two wanting different products, you are in luck. Bundles are available allowing you to save 20% to 25%.

The product can be shipped internationally using with various companies. Do note that free shipping is only available in Singapore over SGD100 spent. For more information on shipping rates can be found here. Products come with a 3-year warranty which is automatically registered when purchasing through their webpage.

Till next time, just keep running.

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