In my first impression review, I said that this might be one of Adidas hidden secret in its running shoes line-up. The Duramo Speed delivers a lot value and performance for the price which it is at. While the Lightstrike has been out in the market, it is still a good midsole for any running shoes.

Does My Five Key Pointers Still Hold After 100 KM?

  • Breathable Yet Stuff & Not the Most Comfortable Upper
  • A Hidden Gem with Full Length LIGHTSTRIKE Midsole
  • A Generious Amount of Outsole – Good Stability, Average Grip
  • An Affordable Pair That Delivers fro Running
  • Able to Tackle Faster Pace Workout, But Weight Inhibits it as Prime Choice

Overall, the pointers mentioned in the first impression remained the true even after the 100KM. The truth remains that with a running shoes priced at SGD 119, brands will not be providing all the premium characteristics. If I am to pick one of the area to improve, it will be the upper of the Duramo Speed.

The Lightstrike midsole is a joy to have in a running shoes at this price. Adidas has given it a thick stack coupled with a slight rocker design, boosting performance and ease of cruising along during longer run. On my longer runs, it was able to retain its cushioning effort to provide sufficient comfort for my legs.

Durability of this Pair of Running Shoes

If there is one thing you should know about the Duramo Speed is that its durability is spectacular. After 100KM, there are no visible wear or cause for concern in terms of durability. There are very minor wear in the outsole but overall, all the grooves and patterns remain as clear as it was on the first run. Adidas has given the Duramo Speed a generous amount of outsole which will take a long time to wear down.

Image 1: Outsole of Duramo Speed after 100KM (Credit: Daily Running Co)

Perhaps one area which Adidas can do with the Duramo Speed is to reduce the outsole but just 1mm and cut down some weight. This is not much but coupled with the improvement done to the upper, it feels like a winning product for Adidas.

What the Alternative Choices?

To find alternatives to the Adidas Duramo Speed proves to be quite challenging due to the different use cases and technologies. For our alternatives, we will look at it from price perspective as well as its substitutability. Do note that there are many other older series products on discount and you can buy them at the same retail price as these suggestions. Our approach is solely focusing on the retail price but you can surely get a good deal in the market today.

Image 2: Alternatives to Duramo Speed (Credit: Daily Running Co/Brands)

Within the Adidas – What are the Alternatives

Supernova Stride

In our view, putting in an additional SGD 30 to grab the Supernova Stride is probably the more worthwhile cost if you are for an alternative to the Duramo Speed. The upper of the Supernova Stride is likely more comfortable than the Duramo Speed. Additionally, the design and midsole (Dreamstrike+) of the Supernova Stride makes it a more capable product to Duramo Speed.

Outside of Adidas – What are the Alternatives

From ASICS, there are two potential substitutes based on the use cases for Duramo Speed. The first is the Gel-Excite 10 which has been upgraded with Amplifoam+ and an increased stack height compared to before. The other is the newly launched Gel Pulse 15 now with the Flytefoam midsole. For both, it is possible to see them been used for the mile eater and just to crunch through the training block for distance. If price is sensitive for you, go for the Gel Excite 10 as comparison.

From Nike, the suggestion is the Renew Ride 3 which comes closest in terms of both price and use cases. However, if I were to choose, Duramo Speed is likely edge out the Renew Ride 3 given its verstaility. Lastly, the HOVR Turbulence 2 could be an alternative to crunch through your training.

Closing Remarks

The Duramo Speed is a gem in today’s market place where prices have continued its upwards trajectory across all brands. While it is not without its flaw, the Duramo Speed can offer runners a lot of value to both their training and wallet. The good news is that other brands seem to be also refreshing their entry level running shoes as their mid-tier gets more expensive (>SGD 200).

Additionally, the product proliferation we seen in Adidas, Nike, and to some degree ASICS could means that the market is flooded with products overlapping each other in use cases and price. Discounts will be a common strategy as brands look to clear older stocks so it is a good thing for runners. Till next time, just keep running.

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