Adidas Singapore has officially released the full series for the new Supernova product line. There are three different products in the updated Supernova lineup – the Stride, Rise, and Solution.

In short summary, the Stride is the lower cost option with an Dreamstrike+ with an EVA carrier. The Rise and Solution are a step up with full Dreamstrike+ midsole, where the latter has enhanced support. The Supernova series has also tuned up the width of the shoes which is great news for wide foot runners.

 Supernova StrideSupernova RiseSupernova Solution
UpperMesh UpperSandwich Mesh UpperSandwich Mesh Upper
MidsoleDreamstrike+ w/ EVA CarrierDreamstrike+Dreamstrike+
Other Features Support RodsSupport Rods
Weight (UK8.5)254 grams277 grams292 grams
Table 1: Supernova Series (Credit: Adidas)

Supernova Series Fills the Gap of Adizero Lineup

The new Supernova series is a product that is part of the 2024 launch. According to the Adidas, the series is targeted to be the everyday option. As compared to the Adizero targeted for race day. The launch of Supernova series fills the gap in between its Adizero lineup with its SL, Adios, and Boston.

DuramoDuramo SpeedS$119Lightstrike
UnknownResponse SuperS$129Dreamstrike
SupernovaSupernova StrideS$149Dreamstrike+ w/ EVA
AdizeroAdizero SLS$169Lightstrike Pro w/ Lightstrike
SupernovaSupernova RiseS$189Dreamstrike+
SupernovaSupernova SolutionS$189Dreamstrike+
AdizeroAdizero Adios 8S$189Lightstrike Pro w/ Lightstrike
AdizeroAdizero Boston 12S$S209Lightstrike Pro w/ Lightstrike
Table 2: Adidas Product Lineup, a snapshot (Credit: Addias)

At this current lineup, consumers are likely to face a decision point to make between the Adizero SL and Supernova Rise. There are key differences such as the foam experience (firm vs softer) and also the overall width and fit of the running shoes. The Adizero SL is expected to be slightly firmer compared to the Supernova Rise. The Dreamstrike+ is a PEBA (Polyether Block Amide) based midsole and created with inspiration from the Lightstrike Pro.

Are you excited with the update to the Supernova series with Dreamstrike+ midsole? The running shoes market is experiencing more and more comeptition with value for money options. It will be interesting to observe what other products will be launch this year that rock the boat for value finder. Till then, just keep running.

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